Citadel of Givet, unique for paintball, airsoft and adventure

 Deeply sad, I have to inform you that all our activities have moved from 
the Citadel in Givet to the Castle of Agimont. (Rue du manoir 1, 5544 Agimont) 
You can now continue all our paintball, airsoft and climbing activities 
around the ancient castle of Agimont.

What had to be our most beautiful creation became a nightmare, due to the owner's almost criminal actions. After 4 years of uninterrupted work and over 2,000,000 € Investments, he announces that the lease contract is not renewed. Even though there are 100 of mails and other promises in which he promised a long-term contract. But French courts will of course never misjudge a French municipality, so the Belgian can dump and ever hope for a small amount of compensation.

Agimont will be reborn from his ashes like a real Phoenix. And everything you found in Givet will soon be found in Agimont.


Most unique experience on the Citadel
The bigest biggame in the BeNeLux and north of France